True Blue HMO (HMO D-SNP) Drug List

D-SNP Drug List

You can search our drug list using either link below. Using the PDF you can search by medical condition at the beginning or alphabetically by drug name using the index and the end.

We select the drugs on our list in consultation with a team of healthcare providers. They represent the prescription therapies believed to be a necessary part of a quality treatment program. Our plans will generally cover the drugs on our list as long as they are medically necessary, prescriptions are filled at our network pharmacies and other plan rules are followed.

Use these links to see our drug list or to find generic drug equivalents.

Printable Formularies

You can also review the drug list information in the plan's Evidence of Coverage.

Notice of Formulary Changes

During the year, we may remove drugs from our list or add rules about whether and when we cover certain drugs. When that happens we will list any changes below. You can also access a printable PDF of our drug list below.

Prior Authorization Drugs

Some drugs require prior authorization before they are covered by your plan. If you fail to get authorization first, you may be responsible for paying the entire cost of the medication.

Step Therapy Drugs

Some drugs require Step Therapy to guarantee coverage. This means that if both Drug A and Drug B treat the same condition, you may have to try using Drug A before we cover Drug B.

last updated 01/23/2020